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Acacia Network launces ‘Brigadas al Sur’ campaign with local partners.

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NEW YORK, New York – In response to the recent earthquakes that hit the island of Puerto Rico, Acacia Network, Inc. (Acacia Network) has launched a relief effort to assist its people in the aftermath of the tremors they are still experiencing. Acacia Network, a Puerto Rican Hispanic non-profit organization in the U.S., activated Acacia Puerto Rico Inc. (Acacia PR), their non-profit organization working in Puerto Rico, to assist with the immediate needs of the communities directly affected by the past tremors, particularly in the southern parts of the island that are most vulnerable, namely Guanica, Guayanilla, Guayama, Peñuelas, Lajas and Ponce.

Acacia PR, in partnership with more than 15 local organizations, community-based institutions and individuals in Puerto Rico, met this week to develop a three-month work plan called ‘Brigadas al Sur’. Among these organizations are Salud Integral de la Montaña, Minister Mark, Salud y Acupuntura para el Pueblo, Mesón del Amor, Esperanza para la Vejez, Executive Home Services, Centro Metropolitano de Servicios Comunitarios, ERS Consulting Group and the artistic and cultural platform Mezcolanza.

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Acacia PR, along with their partners, will provide the most vulnerable residents, including the sick and injured, the elderly and the very young of the southern communities, with hand delivered aid including water, food, hygiene supplies, mosquito nets, solar lamps, basic medications and general necessities. It will also include informative talks on management and prevention in cases of earthquakes, gender violence, and legal assistance. Acacia PR is also hosting wellness activities to lift the spirits of the people with meditation and acupuncture clinics, massage therapy, reiki sessions, art classes, theater, storytelling for kids, live music, lunch service and hot dinners.

Among the priorities of these organizations is the commitment to the continuity of the programs and the established projects beyond the current emergency. The organizations are building upon Rafaga Solidaria, an initiative that was created post Hurricane Maria, and will sustain this work plan for the next three months in order to create a positive impact on the affected communities who will benefit from these services. The ‘Brigadas al Sur’ project will begin next Tuesday, January 21, with a weekly calendar of three visits per week to different centers for the elderly and affected communities on the island.