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The Bilingual Program in Norma I. Torres Colon School is one of its academic priorities.

Bilingual Program

VILLALBA, Puerto Rico - At the end of the school year, Norma I. Torres Colon School, in Villalba, celebrates the success of its new bilingual program for first graders that was implemented at the beginning of this year as one of its academic priorities.

On its Facebook page, Norma I. Torres Colon School recognizes the effort of the students enrolled in the program as well as the parents who accepted the challenge. "We must thank all the parents who believed in us and accepted to enroll their kids in the Bilingual Program, and most of all, Mrs. L. Padron who accepted the challenge and has worked very hard for it to be so successful."

Back in August 2019, the school director, professor Damaris Chabrier explained that the school had obtained a low 28% of proficiency in English in the META tests. Therefore, the school presented a proposal to the Department of Education to establish the bilingual program with students from the first grade.

Then, professor Lisette Padron Figueroa, teacher of this first bilingual group, administered an admission test to 30 candidates, out of which 14 students were selected to be part of the bilingual program.

"Congratulations to all our 1st Grade Bilingual Students you are super duper awesome students. See you in Second Grade."

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Norma I. Torres Colon School is located in La Vega sector, in Villalba, with 295 students from Kindegarten to fifth grade.